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Energy is an essential driving force for the development and sustainability of any country's economy. Without a doubt, it is fundamental to the fulfilment of basic individual and community needs such as lighting, transportation, education, health, food and provision of water. Since all these services are indicators that guide/measure the progress and development of a nation, it follows that energy is a key determining factor of the socio-economic development of any nation.



Sub-Saharan Africa is starved for electricity. Around 600 million people lack electricity according to the world bank, as well as to a report from McKinsey & Company which recently analyzed the energy crisis in the continent. The report states that 48% of its population have no access to electricity. This corresponds to 13% of the world's population. The region’s power sector is significantly underdeveloped, whether we look at energy access, installed capacity, or overall consumption. The fact that sub-Saharan Africa’s residential and industrial sectors suffer electricity shortages means that countries struggle to sustain GDP growth. The stakes are enormous. Indeed, fulfilling the economic and social promise of the region, and Africa in general, depends on the ability of government and investors to develop the continent’s huge electricity capacity.

We project that sub-Saharan Africa will consume nearly 1,600 terawatt hours by 2040, four times what was used in 2010. We based that forecast on a number of important factors, including a fivefold increase in GDP, a doubling of population, electricity-access levels reaching more than 70 per cent by 2040, and increased urbanization.


Our Team

Edoardo worked in various countries across the world, USA, UK, Spain, and Italy to name a few. His latest job was in the energy industry in the innovative e-mobility sector. He’s accustomed to the complexities of the global economy and will lead the team towards jumping the challenges and meeting its targets.

BBA major in Management and Entrepreneurship at Hult Business School, London. Specialized in social development and strategic planning. Experienced in business consulting and global human rights.

BA International Business and Trade, African Leadership University (Rwanda, Kigali). Co-founder and managing director in PowerRock Energy Group. Work Experience at New Kigali designers as the customer service manager. Fluent in French, Kinyarwanda & English.

Founder & CEO of RenewIt

Executive MBA, Masters and PHD qualifications. Over 20 years expertise across the international Engineering arena.

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